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Submit FCM Credentails on Informvisitors

Once user has has FCM credentials following are the set of instructions that the user needs to follow to submit the FCM Server Key, Sender Id and Vapid Key on Informvisitors.

Step 1 : Login to Informvisitors#

Click Here to go to Informvisitors and login.

Step 2 : Navigate to Old Panel#

Upon successful login user will be directed to the Dashboard. Navigate to the old panel by clicking on Click here to go back to old panel as shown below.

Step 3 : Navigate to Get Code#

Once the old informvisitors panel is opened navigate to Get Code section of the left navigation bar as shown below. Scroll down to the Update your sender id / update key section and fill the FCM Sender id, FCM Server Key and FCM Vapid Key with the values from step 2.

Step 4 : Submit FCM Credentials#

Note :- Incase the user does not update the FCM credentials Informvisitors default FCM credentials will be used. However we would like to caution our user that if in future the user updates new FCM credentials the user will loose the old user base. It is completely upto the user to take the decision of updating old default FCM credentials.