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Firebase Push Message Credentials

Following are the set of instructions that the user needs to follow to obtain Firebase Push Message Credentials for their application.

Step 1 : Create a Firebase project console#

Note: If your application already has a firebase project you can skip this step and proceed to next step.

Open firebase console by Clicking Here. Once you land on the home page it will look as follows.

Click on Add project and fill the preferred options as shown below. If you already have a GCM project associated with your account it will auto suggest you the existing project details as shown below. If you don't have an existing project in GCM you can create a new project by filling your preferences. Once you have filled your preferences and checked the Terms and conditions go ahead and Create project.

Step 2 : Firebase Cloud Messaging Credentials#

Once you successfully finished the step1 you will land on the overview page of your project. Now click on the Gear Icon beside the Project Overview in the Left Navigation Bar. You can see Project settings and Users and permissions as shown below. Click on Project Settings.

Once you click on the Project Settings you will land on the Settings page of your firebase project. Hover over to Cloud Messaging column and click on it. Now you can see the FCM Server Key (Along with legacy server key) along with the Sender ID. You can choose between server key and it’s legacy version as shown below.